New Born

Preparing for a new born session and what to expect.

You need to book your new born session while you are pregnant. Once you decide to book a new born session with me we will set a tentative date based on your due date. When your baby is born let me know and we will confirm a date.  Babies are best photographed in the first 10 days of their little lives. They sleep better, are flexible and probably have not developed baby acne or cradle cap. You can expect the session to take 3 - 4 hour.  If you take the baby and parents package it might happen that we need to schedule a second sitting depending on your baby’s needs.


Please do not feed your infant before coming to see me.  I will give you space and time to feed the baby and sooth him/her to sleep once you arrive.  The reason this works best is that if you feed your baby before you come he/she will start their sleep cycle while in the car.  No good.  We want him/her to do that at the studio. If you are giving your baby colic remedies please bring it along.  You must prepare for the fact that during the session you might have to feed your baby when it wakes up between set changes. 

What to bring?

Food for your baby, You are more than welcome to bring a snack for yourself as well. It is always nice to have a pacifier/dummy.  This will help me to sooth your baby in between poses. I have all the props, blankets, wraps, clothes, hats and head bands but you are welcome to bring along anything you want to include in a photo.

What should you wear?

Keep in mind that I need to warm up the studio to 28 - 30 *C in order to have your baby comfortable when undressed, so parents must dress in cool clothes. I rarely if ever show anything below the waist in a portrait so you can wear shorts, jeans, or whatever else you choose.  As far as tops are concerned I do a black on black setup so you need to bring a black top for mom and black shirt for dad.  I also have some material that I use to drape mom in. Bring something to change into after I am done photographing you with baby that is nice and cool. 

During the session

If I am doing a baby and parents session we will start with the parents holding the baby photos. After that I will move to the baby’s individual session.  The parents can then relax, I might ask one parent to assist me in some small way with certain poses. Your baby’s safety and comfort is most important to me and I won’t do anything to jeopardize it.


After the session

 You are receiving a free announcement video with your session, this will be done within 3 days.  The rest of your package will be available within 3-4 weeks.


If you have any other questions please contact me.


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